A Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

A Guide to Kitchen Cabinets
November 11, 2016 dominickm

Finding the right style of cabinets is critical to achieving your design goals. Often time cabinets will take up more wall space than the actual walls, so this is a huge design decision. Thankfully our team of kitchen designers have made a helpful guide to kitchen cabinet styles.


One of the more popular styles, shaker cabinets are flat with a slight perimeter frame. The simplicity of these cabinets make it highly adaptable to almost any design style. From traditional to transitional, shaker cabinets are an excellent choice.


These cabinets are used almost exclusively in modern and contemporary kitchens. The minimalist style is perfect for showcasing more exotic wood selections or beautiful hardware. Flat cabinets are also ideal for hardware free kitchens.


If the kitchen cabinet world has a classic standby style, it’s most likely inset. This style has been around for generations and it’s not going away anytime soon. Inset actually refers to the construction of the cabinets, not necessarily the face cabinet. These doors actually sit inside of the frame instead of on the outside. Naturally, this takes an extra degree of craftsmanship and care to pull off successfully.

Picking the right kitchen cabinets is a tough choice and it’s one our design team would love to help you make. Come by our show room to see which style is your new favorite, and set up a consultation with one of our designers while you’re at it.


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