Don’t Believe Everything You See On Fixer Upper

Don’t Believe Everything You See On Fixer Upper
July 20, 2016 Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen isn’t complete without cabinets, and when you’re picking cabinets there’s plenty of options. You can pick color, style, kind of wood, size, hardware, and finish. Thanks to Chip and Jojo, white painted cabinets are all the rage. While this trend looks great on HGTV, it can ruin a kitchen if done improperly. DIY shows have created a massive misconception that all you need to transform your kitchen is a can of white paint.  996_min

The problem with painting your cabinets yourself or even paying a professional to paint your cabinets on site is durability. Latex paint, even the high performance stuff, isn’t made to take the wear and tear of cleaning products. So you can bet that a painted cabinet will start peeling and chipping within a year.

The solution is catalyzed varnish cabinets. At Kitchen Ideas we make it a point to try to put catalyzed varnish cabinets in almost every kitchen we design. The reason is because using this varnish will increase the durability of cabinets tenfold.

Catalyzed varnishes are immune to the effects of the most powerful household cleaners so they won’t chip, blemish, crack, or peel. The only downside to catalyzed varnishes is that it can’t be applied on existing cabinets and it has to be done off site so it can be baked on and dried in a dust free environment.

On the bright side, our vendors can paint or stain cabinets with any color under the rainbow and then apply the catalyzed varnish. So your cabinets can still look like they’re fresh off Fixer Upper, and they’ll keep looking good for years to come.


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