The Benefits of Tall Storage

The Benefits of Tall Storage
October 13, 2022 Kitchen Ideas

The Benefits of Tall Storage

We have worked with a lot of clients, all with different styles and personalities. Regardless of their personality or the space, one conversation that comes up many times is that of the walk-in pantry vs. the cabinetry pantry. Sure, walk-in pantries are nice, however, it is sometimes necessary to either avoid designing or removing a walk-in pantry in order to open up a space during a kitchen remodel. It sounds simple, but many people are reluctant to give up their walk-in pantry over the fear that storage will be an issue in their kitchen.

Losing Valuable Space in the Kitchen One example of this scenario would be having the space to walk around the island. We design many kitchens with sizable islands for seating and having a walk-in pantry at one of the corners in the kitchen could prove to make it difficult for family and/or guests to get the the seating area.

Distance from the Kitchen Itself Another example would be the location if the walk-in pantry being outside of the kitchen making them inconvenient to get to when trying to prepare a meal.

A tall pantry cabinet is designed to be a dedicated pantry storage right inside the kitchen. They can vary in size depending on the overall layout of the kitchen space, but regardless of the size, the storage opportunities inside the cabinet can be limitless. A lot of people are reluctant to go in this direction because a cabinet pantry can seem (and usually is) smaller than a walk-in pantry. However, it is not necessarily the space you have, but how you use it that dictates optimal functionality. By integrating rollouts and other internal components inside your cabinet pantry you can get just as much or more storage space in a cabinet pantry than you can in a walk-in pantry, even if it is actually smaller in size. Think about pulling out a 24″ deep rollout full of condiments, by bringing the rollout to you, you can see all of the contents of the shelf without having to move one item over to get to the next. Additionally, the tall pantry cabinet can be designed within close proximity to your primary meal prep and cooking space.


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