How We Start Every Kitchen

How We Start Every Kitchen
August 12, 2016 Kitchen Ideas

When embarking on a project with a new client we want to know everything about them. We think knowing a few key points of information about how they want to use the kitchen helps us create an ideal space for them.

Every contractor and remodeler has a similar process, but what makes our process unique is that we focus on function first. If a client starts talking about color schemes and preferences for cabinet hardware right out of the gate, we will politely pump the breaks. That information is certainly relevant, it’s just not the best place to start.



Instead, we start by asking questions like how long you plan to stay in your current house and how many cooks will be in the kitchen. One of our favorite questions to ask couples is to rate the other person’s involvement in the kitchen on a scale of one to ten. This can be everything from cooking to cleaning to endless standing in front of fridge with the door open. From time to time this question can provide some comic relief in the meeting.

We also want to know what kind of food you cook the most. This helps us to know what kind of bells and whistles to work into your design plan. If you frequent the farmers market every weekend we’ll get you a fridge with lots of produce storage. If you cook a lot of stir fry and curry proper ventilation will be key.

After that, we move on and get specific information about the physical kitchen: ceiling height, floor plan, current appliances and other standard info. Once all of that is out of the way, we start talking design preferences.


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