Don’t Be Scared of Vinyl

Don’t Be Scared of Vinyl
August 30, 2016 Kitchen Ideas

Thanks to that wonderful phase of design when cheap vinyl floors were all the rage, most people associate vinyl floors with the cramped apartment they had in the mid 80s. Just like haircuts and shoulder pads, vinyl flooring has come a long way since the 80s.

We’re not talking about the big sheets of vinyl flooring, we’re talking about luxury vinyl tile. Floor manufacturers invented a new process called photogravure, which is just a fancy word for really good printing.

Thanks to this new technology, you can get a floor that looks like real wood or stone but pay half the price. LVT is hands down one of the best flooring choices you can make, and saving some change isn’t the only benefit of going with LVT.




Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. For everyday cleaning, a simple damp mop will do the trick and LVT is almost impossible stain, dent, or scratch. If you have kids or pets, LVT can be a lifesaver.

Unlike ceramic and stone, LVT stays at room temperature no more freezing kitchen floors, it’s a barefoot walker’s dream.

If you’re going for a stone or ceramic look, they make a special grout to perfectly pull off an authentic look. It will fool even the most critical of mother-in-laws.

At Kitchen Ideas, we believe in LVT so much that a few of our designer have it in their own homes. LVT comes just about any size, shape and color so it’s a fantastic option for any kitchen on any budget, don’t let the word vinyl scare you off.


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