Our Customers


We love our new kitchen!!!! The best part of it is our Galley Workstation®! I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to make coffee and start planning our meals for the day. I am totally convinced that Roger is a genius. And I am extremely lucky to have his sink in my home. I can’t believe not everyone has one of their own. Roger has revolutionized how most people cook and use their kitchens. I am in awe of how functional my kitchen space is.
I went from working in all different zones of the old kitchen, to working only in my Galley Workstation. I think ‘duh’ why hasn’t this been built in all homes! I am totally amazed by your product so much that it blows my mind.


We had previously viewed several of Rogers designs before our initial meeting. We felt that we would get a beautiful and truly functional kitchen because we were not only impressed with Rogers designs but knew he was also a reputable cook. The design of our kitchen exceeded all of our expectations with regards to looks and function. We were also pleased that Kitchen Ideas was involved in every small aspect of the design and build out of our project. Not only is our family enjoying the finished product but invited guests during frequent dinners.


Fabulous, Awesome, food, fun, flow, It’s all good, life changing, these are just a few adjectives that quickly come to mind when describing our life with a new kitchen..We’re great friends with Pat, Roger and his family and we still are!!! It was a pleasure working with Roger and his team. It’s hard to pick one thing that is our favorite, but Jordan and I absolutely love the large peninsula, it’s a happening place for family and friends.


Our kitchen was small and outdated. We called Roger Shollmier to come see if anything could be done, and the design he came up with was amazing! He incorporating little-used space from an adjoining wet bar and pantry, and put together a knock-out kitchen that is high in function and more than we could have asked for in beauty. His knowledge and experience really won us over, and it was actually exciting watching the new kitchen evolve. Thank you, Roger!


Bob and I have been in our house a little over 18 months. I’m long overdue in telling you how much your wonderful work and attention to detail added to the beauty of our home. Every cabinet is finished so beautifully and in place with such precision. I know this does not just happen because you have computer skills; you still have to have imagination and good taste. I appreciate that you were always easy to reach…no frustration there. We have had many compliments on the cabinetry. I hope it has generated some business for you. Thank you so much for quality products and workmanship.


Thanks for everything. We love the kitchen!! It feels like a new house.