It’s Time to Ditch Your Microwave

It’s Time to Ditch Your Microwave
September 20, 2016 Kitchen Ideas

One of the latest culinary crazes has roots all the way back to Ancient China. Steam was used back then to cook food in reed baskets and now it’s being used in high-tech steam oven to cook just about anything under the sun.

A steam oven is quick, healthy, and easy.


Why Is Steam Better than Microwaves?


Quick science lesson, a microwave oven shoots invisible rays into the food you’re heating up and these rays agitate the molecules (mainly H2O) in food. This agitation causes the molecules to rub together, which causes friction, which causes heat. The problem is all those agitated water molecules are forced out of the food and then the food gets soggy.


Steam ovens have a valve that fills the oven with just the right amount of steam to cook the food. This method is somewhat similar to a pressure cooker, but it also uses a convection heat. So instead of taking water out, a steam over puts water in. This makes a steam oven ideal for reheating leftovers.


More than Leftovers


These ovens aren’t a one trick pony, and they can do a lot more than just reheat some day old chow mein. You can steam, cook, bake, roast, sous vide, and defrost all with the power of steam. Some steam ovens, like the one Wolf makes, even have preset options for everything from baking a loaf of bread to browning a roast beef.


Cooking with steam has be recognized for a long time as the healthiest way to cook food. And because steam ovens use a perfect blend of heat, moisture and airflow food retains more of its nutrients.  


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