A Guide to Kitchen Styles

A Guide to Kitchen Styles
September 22, 2016 Kitchen Ideas

Every client who comes to us has a vision of what they want their kitchen to look like, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to describe that vision. With that in mind our designers put their heads together and came up with this handy guide to four popular kitchen styles. There are certainly more style options for kitchen, but these seem to be hot right now.




When you walk into a modern kitchen you’ll see clean horizontal lines, frameless cabinets, minimalist hardware, few if any decor’ items, and an abundance of flat surfaces. These sleek kitchens incorporate polished materials that makes you feel like you’re cooking in the international space station.




This is often confused with a modern kitchen, contemporary actually means with the current trends. The confusion pops up because modern is trendy right now, so people assume contemporary refers exclusively to modern. While a contemporary kitchen can be modern, it can also make use of other styles. A typical contemporary kitchen will be freshly updated and use the latest and greatest technology.




Ornate patterns on both wood and fabrics, detailed decor, and simple color schemes are all parts of a traditional kitchen. White is a very popular color among traditional kitchens, as are medium to dark wood stains.




Combining parts of contemporary and traditional design, transitional might be one of the hardest styles to define, but it’s also one of the most popular styles in the Tulsa area. The great thing about doing a transitional kitchen is that you can pull your favorite parts of other styles and roll them all into one. Although transitional style is a broad term there are few common threads such as: streamlined tiles, simple accents, pairing natural and manufactured materials, basic colors, and plenty of texture.


No matter what your style is, the designers at Kitchen Ideas can bring your vision to life. Modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional and everything in between, we can accommodate any style.


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