The Sink That Changed it All

The Sink That Changed it All
August 16, 2016 Kitchen Ideas

Saying the Galley Workstation is revolutionizing kitchen design might sound like a sensationalist claim to some, but at Kitchen Ideas we really believe it’s true. The Galley Workstation is the brainchild of our very own founder, Roger Shollmier.

This idea came about when Roger was trying to think of a way to make cooking more efficient and increase the functionality of his kitchen. In 2011 he created the first Galley Workstation and never looked back.


The Galley Workstation transforms a humble kitchen sink into a multitasking machine. You can prep, entrain, serve, and clean all without leaving the sink. The secret is a simple yet innovative system of grooves that allows you to slide cutting boards, strainers, mixing bowls, and various other kitchen utensils. Combining all these tasks into one central location saves you time in every step of the process.

Look at the difference the Galley can make compared to a non-galley kitchen.


At Kitchen Ideas, we believe that the traditional work triangle has been dethroned by work zones and the Galley creates the ultimate work zone. The time saved just by not having to walk from one spot to the other will absolutely amaze you.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Galley is that it turns your sink into usable counter space. Which can allow another cook to pitch in without constantly bumping into each other.



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